Week 12 Activity- Geocaching

This weeks activity was Geocaching. Myself and some classmates made a group in order to find a Geocache on school Campus. Yeah we failed. I believe the Geocache we were looking for was next to the Galleries. I felt bad for not having to have found the geocache. But I also didn’t feel that bad because we were not the only ones that didn’t find the Geocache. We even asked our professor to help, because we thought we were nuts. We just couldn’t seem to find it. At the end everyone that was looking for this particular Geocache gave up. The professor still stayed to look for the Geocache, he seemed pretty determined to find it. I wonder if he did? This activity really helped me interact with other classmates, and even though this was not a group activity, making it into a group activity helped us learned how to work together.


Artist Conversation-SUCCESSION- Jennifer Chen

Exhibition Information- Jennifer Chen

Exhibition- SUCCESSION

Media: Print Making, screen print, Gloss, photos, google images

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Mark J Gatov Gallery West

Website- None

Instagram- None

About the Artist: Jennifer is an artist majoring in print making, she has her bachelor in Biology and is planning to get her master in Printmaking.

Background- Before coming back to school, she worked  for huge health corporations; however, she is experienced in print making for about 20 years she says. She will be teaching an Art class next semester, and her main interest is landscape, and particularly areas that have been damaged by water, fire, or any natural disaster.

Formal Analysis: Her art is based on landscapes in particular from google maps. It seem like she does layers with her pieces because off the landscape she gets from google maps and then the layer of colors and spots she does on the images. She did explain to us that in her paintings she does use gloss in order to make the images a lot glossier.

Content Analysis: Some of her art work brought me back memories of high school, in particular the lunch tables and the restrooms.  The taggings were something I would see often in school

My Experience: I really enjoyed her art, it was something i have never seen before in an art piece.


Student Conversation-Rosa Velazquez

This past Thursday I was able to meet Rosa Velazquez, a freshman here at CSULB. She is a business major. We talked about many things like why she decided to come to CSULB. She responded back with saying that she really enjoyed the campus, the vibes were definitely something that she was into. She also said that she chose this campus because it was close to her home, something that we have in common. I also chose this campus because it was close to home but not so close to home. She is from Long Beach herself, but was born in the city of Lakewood, California. One of her hobbies are going out with her friends and family. She loves to go dance with them. She has traveled only to Mexico, just like my self. She loves visiting Mexico because she feels like she is free from any stress, she actually feels free to do anything she want, and she likes to get away. The reason she took this class was because her friend told her to take this class with her, and she also used it as a requirement.


Week 11- Turning Pages- Marta Troya

This activity this past Thursday was very interesting and something different. We did a little bit of Ephermal Experiences when going to the library and the book store. Two totally different places. The best possible way for us to remember Ephermal experiences is for it to stay in our minds. These types of experiences aren’t about taking out your cell phone and taking picture in order to capture the moment. It was about living in the moment and taking in all that we ca, because this activity is something I have never done before. Words and picture can capture an experience because I mean you can keep those images forever and go back to them in order to have that feeling of the time it happened. The way the image is portrayed or the way the font of the letter are done do matter. However, it does depend on the persons interest, some people remember more and other just don’t remember due to having no interest. People can share an experience with someone that wasn’t there by using our sense. Maybe touching and object, or even using imagery in order give them a sense of how it was. In my opinion it doesn’t to some extent. However, someone that is just taking picture throughout the whole experience ruins the fact of actually living in the moment.

My experience of taking picture in the library and in the bookstore were completely different. It seems that the Library is a very serious place where students only use it for quietness and studying. Where as the bookstore no one would stare if they took a picture in there. It seems that we sometimes break this rule of taking picture depending on the places that we are in. Some places are to be living in the moment and in full concentration while others is more socially acceptable. Again it depends on time and place for an actually physical image.

Week 10- Instagram Activity

This week activity was to take photos and post them on Instagram on Thursday because it was Instagram day. The class used the #art110s16 in order for us all to be able to see everyone’s pictures that they posted among the entire day, meaning any photo from 12 to 12. These pictures down below were some that caught my eye when I wen to the hashtag. The first image is going to be piratically me all this entire spring break. Except for the cat, I love cats; However, cat fur causes me allergies, so there fore I would be forever alone. lol. The second image kind of gives me a reminder. It seem like they are all wearing attired shoes for running or some sort of exercise, which reminds me to push my self to go work out everyday. The third image was also a reminder of to eat well on the weekends. I tend to binge eat on the weekends, this photo did not work at all. Chuck E Cheese got me so good this weekend. The fourth image reminded me of Easter! How we should spent time with out family and enjoy every moment we have them. Just live in the moment and stop being on your phone all the time. The last image was inspiring me to not only go to the place that they are at, but also just to get out more. Be more of the last image rather than being the first image. This weeks hashtag activity demonstrates to me at least that we are all very different, but somehow we are always going to find someone to connect to. Meaning that we are never alone, there is always someone who is doing the same thing that you are doing.

Week 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil Paint, Pastel, Water based materials: crayons and color pencils

Gallery: CSULB School Of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: no Instagram

This week, I was able to see some of Helen Werner Cox work. Helen was born outside of New York, in the country. She later moved to California. She is a graduate student here at CSULB and is studying in the drawing and painting program. Some of the things that she enjoys doing when she is not working on her art is to read and do puzzles. Based on her Art that she demonstrated among all of us this Thursday, She states that her art focuses on the idea that society is being trapped in the same circle. She believes that we are in a carousel, never changing and always committing the same mistakes.

When viewing Helen’s artwork, there seems to be a constant appreciation towards painting and drawings. She uses a lot of color among it as well, and perhaps uses all the colors of the rainbow. The color gives her art so much energy like if it was alive. Her art has very geometric lines, it makes it easier for the viewer to feel like the painting or the animal inside is moving. The main ideas that were used in her art were horses, and carousels. These ideas demonstrates a little bit of reality and distortion.

When viewing Helen’s exhibit, it really

take you to make a whole different perspective among society and this cycle that she portrays. It realizes that we are in a chains that is hard to break and become free. The horse in her images represent a strong creature, making it symbolize humanity in a way. That we have the opportunity to break free from this carousel, however, we decide not to do it. Which demonstrates her frustration among society. I enjoyed her exhibit this week and her words among society. She is very eye opening, I am sure to many of us that met her this week.

Meeting Adeline Leon!

This week I met Adeline Leon. She is a first year here at CSULB and commute all the way from her home town, Huntington beach. Things that she enjoys doing is going kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and swimming. She loves to dance especially cumbias and Mexican music. She loves going to the beach to see the sunset. Adeline love food, she works a part time job, since she was 13. Funny fact about her is that she does not like scary movies but she still ends up watching them. Cooking is also another hobby, but she hates the cleaning afterwards. One of her favorite artist is J Cole. She loves math and hates English. She has only been to Mexico, no other country, and around California. One of her biggest problems would be procrastinating, I can really relate to her and maybe most of us can, so it isn’t really a problem anymore. 20160324_124427_resized.jpg