Week 14- Art Experience- Drawing at the Japanese Garden

This weeks art experience was something most of the students here in Art 110 were waiting for the entire semester. We did something that we initially expected from this course, but have only done it a couple time, which is not a bad things because it has demonstrated that art is not always about drawing. We went to the Japanese Garden and had to SKETCH( I capitalize this because my drawing are sketches , so they are not perfect) 3 abstract and 3 representational drawings. With this we also had to take 3 representational and 3 abstract images. This experience was kind of relaxing for me, I was able to catch up with some of my classmate that I have met over the weeks. I was able to create my group for our final, or at least talk about it. I had a little more hard time to create the abstract drawings and photographs because when I looked at it, the drawing just looked so random. I didn’t know what is was, it had no figure or anything. But other than that Th experience was good, and enjoyable.


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