Week 14- Activity Feedback

3 Favorite Activities and Why:

  • Plaster Casting
    • For this activity, I really enjoyed it because it was something I have never done before. I never used the materials as well so I had to get a little help from my dad. Even though it was something simple, I would have never thought i could creat art with sand, a bucket, and plaster.
  • Turning Pages
    • I really enjoyed having an outsider come and speak to us. She demonstrated some of her art, which was very unique. I say outsider because she is from a different country and she explained to us the common art there is in her country.
  • Sketching In the Garden
    • This activity was relaxing to me because I was able to just draw without having to be so perfect. Or at least trying to be. I was also able to enjoy it with classmates, and see new things that I have never seen before.

3 Least Favorite Activities and Why:

  • Geocaching
    • One of my least favorites because it was so hard to find one!
  • Cuisine Couture or coiffure
    • I did not enjoy this activity because I really have a hard time being creative. Also I do not know how to cook, except for cereal, cup o noodles, and frozen pizza.
  • Automatic Drawing
    • this was awkward for me. Just sitting there with your eyes clothes with someone else it awkward and I got super nervous. But it was not that bad.

More feedback:

This class was enjoyable. Two things that I really enjoyed throughout this course was that I was able to meet classmates each week. My shyness wasn’t so bad in the middle of the semester and I was just letting lose. Also I really liked that we were able to look up 2 new artist every week because I really didn’t know any artist. Over all, the course was fun and easy.

What could make the class better?

Maybe change up some Tuesdays into drawing Tuesdays. Not saying every single time, but once in a while it would be fun to twist it up and just relax and draw/ paint.



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