Wk 15- Classmate Conversation

This week I met a beautiful girl named Kimberly Gutierrez. She is 20 years old and she is a second year nutrition major here at CSULB. Kimberly like to be very active and outdoors, but she also likes to stay indoors and watch movies. She loves to eat a lot and she loves all kinds of food, but anything with pasta is her favorites, she also really loves Mexican Food, but generally all foods! lol. She says if she is not eating, she is at school, at work, or at the gym, but in reality she will most likely be sleeping. Most of her free time she likes to catch up on her sleep. But when in school she is studying and working into becoming a registered dietitian and a certified trainer. She has traveled in the summer of 2014 to Europe. She went to places like Paris, Italy, and London.



Wk 15- Artist Conversation-Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Ink Printing,Mono Print, Wood, Relief, Lithography, Acid, Metal, Etching

Gallery: CSULB School Of Arts, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist:

Nancy Young attends here CSULB, and is planning to get her BFA in Print Making this month. She came here with the hopes of graduating with a BFA in graphic design, but something for her did not click. She has a job as a programmer in Orange County, and she really enjoys it. Which is why she states that she does not plan to live off her art pieces. In her spare time between work and school she likes to help others out, likes to go sailing, listen to music, and take pictures. She does say that she is done with school, and she doesn’t have interest in studying more.

Formal Analysis:

Her Exhibition, As the Crow Flies, Contains many types of print making. She explains to us that there isn’t just one type of print making which is why she enjoys it so much. For instance one of the methods that she demonstrated to us was relief. She engraved the ┬áimage she wanted to print ┬áinto a piece of wood, so that it can become an emboss.Another method that she used was acid onto a piece of metal, I believe. She used the acid to carve into the metal to make the emboss as well for a crow. The Fact that she explained to us how she did it, and she let us touch her pieces of art, made them so unique because none of the artist from this semester have let us do these things.

Content Analysis:

Artist, Nancy Young, told us that on her prints there was certain amount of miles that was written on them. She stated that these were the places she had to go to before she was able to attend CSULB. Which for me was amazing because it gives the audience a story of obstacles she had to pass through in order to get here. This makes sens because she did let us know that she had to stop school when she was younger.

My Experience/Synthesis:

My experience with Nancy Young was great. I really enjoyed listening to story. She presented well her pieces and were amazing. I really enjoyed her letting us touch the emboss of her printmaking. I also really enjoyed her point of view, that there is many different types of print making. I was only educated with only one way that I have seen before in another artist about printmaking, But her methods are extraordinary.


Week 14- Activity Feedback

3 Favorite Activities and Why:

  • Plaster Casting
    • For this activity, I really enjoyed it because it was something I have never done before. I never used the materials as well so I had to get a little help from my dad. Even though it was something simple, I would have never thought i could creat art with sand, a bucket, and plaster.
  • Turning Pages
    • I really enjoyed having an outsider come and speak to us. She demonstrated some of her art, which was very unique. I say outsider because she is from a different country and she explained to us the common art there is in her country.
  • Sketching In the Garden
    • This activity was relaxing to me because I was able to just draw without having to be so perfect. Or at least trying to be. I was also able to enjoy it with classmates, and see new things that I have never seen before.

3 Least Favorite Activities and Why:

  • Geocaching
    • One of my least favorites because it was so hard to find one!
  • Cuisine Couture or coiffure
    • I did not enjoy this activity because I really have a hard time being creative. Also I do not know how to cook, except for cereal, cup o noodles, and frozen pizza.
  • Automatic Drawing
    • this was awkward for me. Just sitting there with your eyes clothes with someone else it awkward and I got super nervous. But it was not that bad.

More feedback:

This class was enjoyable. Two things that I really enjoyed throughout this course was that I was able to meet classmates each week. My shyness wasn’t so bad in the middle of the semester and I was just letting lose. Also I really liked that we were able to look up 2 new artist every week because I really didn’t know any artist. Over all, the course was fun and easy.

What could make the class better?

Maybe change up some Tuesdays into drawing Tuesdays. Not saying every single time, but once in a while it would be fun to twist it up and just relax and draw/ paint.


Week 14- Art Experience- Drawing at the Japanese Garden

This weeks art experience was something most of the students here in Art 110 were waiting for the entire semester. We did something that we initially expected from this course, but have only done it a couple time, which is not a bad things because it has demonstrated that art is not always about drawing. We went to the Japanese Garden and had to SKETCH( I capitalize this because my drawing are sketches , so they are not perfect) 3 abstract and 3 representational drawings. With this we also had to take 3 representational and 3 abstract images. This experience was kind of relaxing for me, I was able to catch up with some of my classmate that I have met over the weeks. I was able to create my group for our final, or at least talk about it. I had a little more hard time to create the abstract drawings and photographs because when I looked at it, the drawing just looked so random. I didn’t know what is was, it had no figure or anything. But other than that Th experience was good, and enjoyable.