Week 13- Artist Convo-Nick Bamford

Artist- Nick Bamford

Exhibition- Untitled

Media-foam, cement, wood clay, mixed media

Gallery- CSULB School of Art, Gatov gallery East



About The Artist :

This weeks artist was Nick Bamford, who was very enjoyable and very different to see. He is a senior here at CSULB and will be graduating this spring with a BFA in ceramics. He said that his education did not end here, he wanted to continue school into UCLA or Yale. Nick Bamford moved from up north to Huntington Beach in which he enjoyed his young age. His inspiration to his art pieces were to challenge himself. Not to use what he has but to do thing he has never done before in order to learn and grow. When he was in High School he did take a ceramics class and it happened to be his favorite and what pursued him to further his knowledge. His favorite artist is Picasso and his hobbies are to build things.

Formal Analysis:

Nick’s exhibition was unlike any other I have seen so far this course. He used so many different colored lights in order to grab dimension into his art sculptures. His main purpose was to give it dimension and to make his sculpture look self lit, things that he did represent very well. He wanted to demonstrate different context and different meanings that made his art really stand out of the ordinary. The room was blacked out and he used a black light in order to make the room stand out more. Including the paper on the wall that he wrote about his exhibition. He had very neon colors all over his sculptures which made you really highlight the main ideas that he wanted you to capture including some of his personal life images.

Content Analysis:

Nick’s art pieces demonstrate different meaning it all depends on how the audience takes it. What I found interesting in every piece that he had was that on each sculpture there was something different. You would stand on one side of the sculpture and you see something interesting and then moves some inches over and see something completely different. He was able to meet his goal of doing it in the dark and do something different that he has never done before. Something that his audience did not see before and didn’t know it was possible to do.

Synthesis/ My experience:

When I first went into the gallery, I was like what the hell why is it so dark here. But then I was actually very entertained among the sculptures. Everything was so different from what I have seen before in these galleries. Something so different, yet kind of urban and hip. The colors made me feel happy. And I was actually glad that Nick likes to step out of his comfort zone, that is not often that I see.






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