Artist Conversation-SUCCESSION- Jennifer Chen

Exhibition Information- Jennifer Chen

Exhibition- SUCCESSION

Media: Print Making, screen print, Gloss, photos, google images

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Mark J Gatov Gallery West

Website- None

Instagram- None

About the Artist: Jennifer is an artist majoring in print making, she has her bachelor in Biology and is planning to get her master in Printmaking.

Background- Before coming back to school, she worked  for huge health corporations; however, she is experienced in print making for about 20 years she says. She will be teaching an Art class next semester, and her main interest is landscape, and particularly areas that have been damaged by water, fire, or any natural disaster.

Formal Analysis: Her art is based on landscapes in particular from google maps. It seem like she does layers with her pieces because off the landscape she gets from google maps and then the layer of colors and spots she does on the images. She did explain to us that in her paintings she does use gloss in order to make the images a lot glossier.

Content Analysis: Some of her art work brought me back memories of high school, in particular the lunch tables and the restrooms.  The taggings were something I would see often in school

My Experience: I really enjoyed her art, it was something i have never seen before in an art piece.



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