Week 11- Turning Pages- Marta Troya

This activity this past Thursday was very interesting and something different. We did a little bit of Ephermal Experiences when going to the library and the book store. Two totally different places. The best possible way for us to remember Ephermal experiences is for it to stay in our minds. These types of experiences aren’t about taking out your cell phone and taking picture in order to capture the moment. It was about living in the moment and taking in all that we ca, because this activity is something I have never done before. Words and picture can capture an experience because I mean you can keep those images forever and go back to them in order to have that feeling of the time it happened. The way the image is portrayed or the way the font of the letter are done do matter. However, it does depend on the persons interest, some people remember more and other just don’t remember due to having no interest. People can share an experience with someone that wasn’t there by using our sense. Maybe touching and object, or even using imagery in order give them a sense of how it was. In my opinion it doesn’t to some extent. However, someone that is just taking picture throughout the whole experience ruins the fact of actually living in the moment.

My experience of taking picture in the library and in the bookstore were completely different. It seems that the Library is a very serious place where students only use it for quietness and studying. Where as the bookstore no one would stare if they took a picture in there. It seems that we sometimes break this rule of taking picture depending on the places that we are in. Some places are to be living in the moment and in full concentration while others is more socially acceptable. Again it depends on time and place for an actually physical image.


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