Week 10- Instagram Activity

This week activity was to take photos and post them on Instagram on Thursday because it was Instagram day. The class used the #art110s16 in order for us all to be able to see everyone’s pictures that they posted among the entire day, meaning any photo from 12 to 12. These pictures down below were some that caught my eye when I wen to the hashtag. The first image is going to be piratically me all this entire spring break. Except for the cat, I love cats; However, cat fur causes me allergies, so there fore I would be forever alone. lol. The second image kind of gives me a reminder. It seem like they are all wearing attired shoes for running or some sort of exercise, which reminds me to push my self to go work out everyday. The third image was also a reminder of to eat well on the weekends. I tend to binge eat on the weekends, this photo did not work at all. Chuck E Cheese got me so good this weekend. The fourth image reminded me of Easter! How we should spent time with out family and enjoy every moment we have them. Just live in the moment and stop being on your phone all the time. The last image was inspiring me to not only go to the place that they are at, but also just to get out more. Be more of the last image rather than being the first image. This weeks hashtag activity demonstrates to me at least that we are all very different, but somehow we are always going to find someone to connect to. Meaning that we are never alone, there is always someone who is doing the same thing that you are doing.


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