Meeting Leah Prez !

This past week I met Leah Prez, a 3rd year student here at CSULB. She is majoring in Child development and minoring in Human Development. The reason she came about majoring in child development would be that she enjoys working with kids so she would like to be a teacher; However, she would also like to work in a children hospital, so maybe she would have to go into nursing as well. Some of her favorite hobbies about her would be playing basketball, going to the beach, and going to the movies on Tuesdays because it is 6 dollar Tuesdays she says. She is a fraternal twin, has 8 other siblings and is left handed. She wants to travel to Samoa and El Salvador in the future because her family is from there and wants to see the culture. Leah has only been to Mexico, San Francisco, and San Diego, so she would really like to explore a lot more. The last fact that she told me was that she lost 80 lbs starting from the beginning of freshman year in college. Her journey is not over, but her working at the Golden Coral Buffet has made it difficult to get back in the gym. She would eventually in the near future like to live by the beach and have a maintained job.


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