Hi I am Valentina! a cinnamon toast crunch, that is as crunchy as it can be. Yet pour me in some milk and I can turn into a soft little square. I have lots of friends that are just like me and like to dive into a bowl of milk on a hot summer day. When me and my friends dive into the pool of milk, we tend to leave behind a sugary and cinnamon taste behind so that when someone decide to take a taste of the milk it will taste just like us except I hope that we don’t get eaten every morning or night when a human comes around to serve themselves a huge bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. They tend to forget that we have lives and that we aren’t just food for them to eat. Here are some of my friends that I would like for you to eat instead of me so go check out their page down below!

Its her birthday go say Happy Birthday !

Get your Drink on with my friend the Bartender

Check this person out too !! hilarious!



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