Andrea Lauren Williams: Sacrifice !

Andrea Lauren is a undergrad ceramics major here at CSULB. She is a current mom that lives in Riverside, where  she has lots of animals like pigs, chickens and dogs. She used to be in a band and played the drums. The only thing that she misses from this are the gigs but not the business side of playing. Her work named Sacrifice, demonstrates her meaning towards making these pieces. She illustrates the sacrifice of mothers and religion, which was her intent perfectly. She wanted to make her audience question religion. She has made all of these art pieces by hand, which is why she is majoring in ceramics. She loves to show that she made these by hand, so she does not like to smooth out any surfaces at all, she would want her audience to see her hand prints and finger prints in her pieces to demonstrate her hard work. She used materials like cement, and clay. There was a long process into making these pieces because she first made the cement and that needed to be dry before she even painted the art on.


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