Josh Vasquez Vida/ Morte Art

The art that I saw this Thursday was by artist Josh Vasquez. He is a 2nd year here at CSULB, and is studying art since the beginning of college. Josh was always into art even when he was a younger boy. He loves drawing; however, he took drawing a lot more serious up until these last two years of his life. The art that was demonstrated in the gallery were named Vida/ Morte, indicating the life and death factor, he also indicated that he did these painting as a form of meditation in his life. His favorite piece that he created was the second painting that was made up of spray paint and a sharpie. His inspiration was life and death because it is something totally different from one another, yet so similar in many ways. He chose to do most of his paintings black and white because he said that there are two different things because there is no mixing there are just two different colors that had the meaning very vague. As for the roses on the floor, for me it seem that it represented a cementary. Over all I loved his pieces of art work, it was black and white, and headed to the main point.


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