Dorothy McMahon: Water Displays in CSULB

My guide for the water displays that we have in our campus was Dorothy McMahon. The experience with her was great, she took us to the fountain in front of broatmen hall,  the fountain next the theater building, and the Japanese garden. I have never went to the Japanese Garden before and it seems really cool and a calm place to relax or even do some homework. I took pictures of the fountains, but as you can see one of the fountains was dried up and dead, it has been like this since I started attending this University. The fountain next to broatmen hall was the one that is always lit, and clean. The Japanese Garden seems surreal, I feel like we have our own little park in the school. Over all it was a great experience and had the chance to discover new places in our campus.


Katherine Pantoja

I met Katherine Pantoja, a 18 year old freshman. She is undeclared, but is thinking about business. However, she rethink about doing business because she is not in love with math. Some hobbies that she loves to do is color hair, which is something we can relate to in a way because I personally enjoy doing my own make up. Another favorite hobby that she has is reading. She absolutely loves reading and her favorite book is actually the series named ” Vampire Academy”. I, myself do not like reading, I could never finish reading a book. She also really enjoys traveling. The places she has went to is Alaska, Canada, Cancun, and Yellowstone. I can really relate to her because I myself love to travel. Although I have only been to small towns in Mexico for example Poncitlan, Melaque, San Miguel De Allende, and more.

Kristi Jensen “Untitled 3”

This thursday I met a group of artist in one gallery. They call themselves ” Fused” because they all came together to demonstrate their pieces of art at one setting. One thing I saw similarity from all the art work was that it was made up of metal as the main component to their art pieces. An artist that I was able to meet was Kristi Jensen, an incredible artist that made the first two pieces in the picture below. Kristi’s piece was simple but the work that she put in was a long process. She was some way inspired by her grandfather. Her grandfather used to fix televisions so she was inspired to always make things with her hands. She also stated that she make jewelry; however, she does not wear her own jewerly because she does not like to wear jewerly herself. She also shared with us that she is really bad with names, so she name her art piece ” untitled 3″. She wants to make a living out of her art pieces one day. She also has two years working with metal.

Meeting Dorothy !

This past Thursday I met Dorothy! she is a 21 year old junior that is studying film here at CSULB. She came from Connecticut, then moved north of California in a place called Humble County. The later moved here to attend our university and specialize in production design. Her favorite film is Lord of the Rings, which is why she chose that specialization. She wants to create the world in movies. She study abroad in Germany for production, and said that it was an amazing time. She has a a very sweet and out coming personality.It was great meeting her and knowing more about her.IMG_9870

Samuel Jernigan

This week’s artist was Samuel Jernigan, a CSULB graduate, and has a BFA in ceramics. He grew up in the Bay Area and in a agricultural area in his late teens. His art came from his life of being a musician. He wanted people to look at his art and just get an emotional feeling. He loves reading comics, watching cartoons, and enjoys biking.As we can see his art work, they all king of bring me to think as a child, is it weird that i feel like his reflection of comic books, and cartoons come to life in his pieces of art, except for the last two pieces. I can seem to understand the meaning to the structures of the pieces and why there is pictures of body parts all over the piece. His pieces made me feel a weird way but a good weird way.

Snap Chat !

Snap Chat is a form of communication between friends, family, and those surrounding us. It can be used to have some fun, like I did, but at the same time be used as a platform to spread the word of anything that needs to be changed. For instance with my snap chat I was able to demonstrate my friends that art that I saw on Thursday. I had a little fun with it and drew on it to make it a little more funny, but the skull on the last picture was really creative for the artist to do. The first picture that I took I obviously used a filter to make my eyes bigger and my mouth smaller but it look terrible so I decided to draw some lips on me. lol. I had fun doing this weeks blog post.

Student Conversation @ the Gallery

I had a conversation with Cynthia Esquivias at the artist Josh Vasquez Gallery. We spoke about the meanings of the roses and how we both believed that they represented a cementary or some sort of respect for the death, but at the same time love to the people alive.  The images are very simple and demonstrate his mediation when he was doing them because they are with basic colors, or colors that can be peaceful to look at, and the skulls that were painted were very straight forward. There was no other drawings around them that made them difficult to understand. So it did made it very clear that meditation was reflected upon his paintings. His paintings were definitely my favorite over all, it contained many of things that I liked myself.